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5 Foods which may help sustain a healthy life

healthy-foodWe often hear about foods which are healthy and those which are not. Here are 5 foods which are generally regarded as being healthy and which some argue prolongs a healthy life:

Brazil Nuts – The human body lacks Selenium. The product which contains the most Selenium is Brazil Nuts. When cows get Tubercolosis, it’s usually blamed upon the badger population, but few realize that a lack of Selenium and Potash in soil, allows the cows own TB cells to become active. Ours may well do the same without this substance.

Bananas – Contain high amounts of Potassium. Evidence suggests that dietary potassium may play a role in decreasing blood pressure. Potassium is involved in nerve function, muscle control and blood pressure. A diet low in potassium and high in sodium may be a factor in high blood pressure. Increasing potassium in the diet may protect against hypertension in people who are sensitive to high levels of sodium.

Orange Juice – High in Vitamin C when the fruit itself is used but a lot lower after commercial processing. Eat the fruit or squeeze the fruit to get maximum effect. Vitamin C is essential to muscle growth and flexibility and helps the immune system to stave off bacterial infection.

Yogurt – There are many different types but the most beneficial will contian not only lactobacillus but Bifidus and sometimes acidophilus and other types of healthy bacteria which live in the small intestine and vagina. When food hits your digestive system, acidophilus helps break it down by releasing several substances such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which destroy harmful bacteria. Acidophilus can be especially helpful if you’re taking antibiotics, because antibiotics destroy all bacteria in the body including the healthy strains.

Cranberries – One of the foremost anti-oxidants available. Best when you can acquire the pure juice, or the cranberries themselves. Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins (PACs) that can prevent the adhesion of certain of bacteria, including E. coli, associated with urinary tract infections to the urinary tract wall. The anti-adhesion properties of cranberry may also inhibit the bacteria associated with gum disease and stomach ulcers.

Recent scientific research shows that cranberries and cranberry products contain significant amounts of antioxidants and other phytonutrients that may help protect against heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

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