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Single Malt Whisky Investment

Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky is the most authentic drink on earth.

The development of its taste exclusively takes place during its maturation in oak casks, with no addition of artificial flavours or scents. Generally, Single Malt Whisky takes 10 years or more to mature, and as opposed to e.g. wine, Single Malt Whisky is virtually non-perishable. A joy to drink, but at least
as good to invest in, especially when it comes to whiskies of higher ages.

The demand for special whiskies is growing fast. Especially Japan, Russia and China are rapidly growing consumer markets – and consuming creates scarcity! Apart from this, the supply of whiskies from closed distilleries is rapidly decreasing. We expect that within a number of years, quality casks from closed distilleries will no longer be available!

Investing in Single Malt Whisky

The Whisky Talker coaches and advises investors, with an exclusive focus on Scottish Single Malt Whisky. Interested in whiskies from a specific year, or a specific bottle number? These are examples of bottles that collectors, whisky aficionados and investors would gladly pay considerable prices for. The Whisky Talker’s expertise allows you to compose a whisky portfolio you will feel 100% good about. Composing a whisky portfolio this way is possible starting from €5,000.-. Because of our knowledge of the market and our purchasing power we expect to be able to realise an annual return of 12% on the longer term (>5 years) for our investors! Average cashed returns on bottles sold since the launch of the WWI amount to 32.6%*!

World Whisky Index

On 9 November 2007, the World Whisky Index was launched by former Minister of Finance Gerrit Zalm. The WWI is a worldwide Whisky Index operating on the basis of supply and demand of (exclusive) whiskies. At the WWI you can keep track of price trends and decide on when to buy or sell. The WWI provides the tools to make the right choices! On the WWI you can trade bottles of whisky as if they were shares

Investing in whisky in 5 steps

  1. Contact me for the ambassador code to gain acces WWI
  2. Composition whisky portfolio (possibly in consultation)
  3. Purchase bottles/casks and insured storage World Whisky Storage foundation
  4. Sale from whisky portfolio on World Whisky Index
  5. Cash or re-invest profits

* Results from the past hold no guarantee for the future

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